Hi, I'm Sanoob Pattanath

An Indian techy living to build Web Apps with awesomeness and creativity. My technological suite is loaded with PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL

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Coding is not my job its my passion. I like to code, I love to solve real life coding challenges and I try something out in my mind everyday.


I can sit in front of my computer until I can solve the problem with desired performance. It breaks me to leave a computer with unsolved problem.


I like to create my own algorithms and designs to achieve an awesome application with excellent performance.

Back End Development

I have been creating logical back-end and core computational logic of web application using PHP5 and MySQL with optimized coding techniques to deliver an excellent web application.

To increase my productivity I took help of amazing frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel. Of course I love Laravel than CodeIgniter because of its features but some application needs speed so I'm keeping CodeIgniter too.

Front End Development

I believe that even a 'great idea' is of no use if it is presented awfully, That makes me concerned about user interfaces in my web application. So I make user interfaces (UI) which is very minimal and unambiguous for ordinary users.

To increase my productivity in development, I make use of very excellent frameworks like jQuery for javascript, Bootstrap for styling and Font-awesome for great icons. New technologies like HTML 5, CSS3,SVG and Sass has helped me to tackle challenges in development

If you ask me who is my big enemy in front-end development Obliviously the devil is Internet Explorer (IE) but I keep special JavaScripts and CSSes to beat this devil. And my new friend is AngularJS

Interested areas

  • laravel 4

    Laravel 5.1

    Laravel is my favourite framework, Used to make powerful model-view-controller (MVC) Web Apps. It has really awesome object-relational mapping(ORM) Eloquent and reliable template engine Blade.

  • MySQL


    Most of my web applications use MySQL as it's a relational database management system (RDBMS). I like it because very light weighted complete RDBMS and completely open-source which make me love it more.

  • Git


    All my work uses help of Git to manage my code, Bitbucket for my private coding and Github for all open-source projects. If you have a question "Why I like it ?" Then the answer is you may have not used it.

  • AngularJS


    Another Google's gift which helped me to accomplish really powerful applications, hence it embraces and extends HTML,CSS and JavaScript.

  • JavaScript


    To build awesome and creative web application JavaScript(JS) is essential, jQuery is my first choice when it comes to JavaScript development. But I do create pure JavaScripts where speed highly demanded.

  • html5css3

    HTML5 and CSS3

    In this modern era of web, HTML5 and CSS3 are the friends you can count on to fight against old school plug-ins like Flash. Secondly, Hybrid mobile application without these guys is kind of impossible thanks to Cordova for extending HTML5 and CSS3.

Skill page

I enjoy learning new technologies in any area especially in the Web Development. I spend most of my time dwelling with Back-end development scripts and techniques. I like to serve society with my abilities in web technologies.

I am experienced with several web design and development tools, both open-source and commercial. I like to be called as a Full Stack Developer, For that I have been learning all the configuring and integrating of tools which involved web application development.







+ HTML5 & CSS3



I'm a passionate programmer and product developer and have been programming professionally since 2013, I bring expertise in both front-end and back-end development.

I graduated with a BE in Computer Science from The Oxford College of Engineering. After graduation I have been working full-time for Shafeer IT Solutions UK Ltd as remoter PHP developer. Sometimes I handle front-end too, Most of the time to solve complex problem into simple solutions using JavaScipt and CSS.

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    3rd Cross, Bommanahalli

    Bangalore -68

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